Zood Zood Restaurant Chiang Mai

Zood Zood Restaurant Chiang Mai

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Thai Spicy Pork Salad

Zood Zood Restaurant Chiang Mai

Coming up for its 1 year anniversary, Zood Zood restaurant in Nimman Soi 9 is a unique Thai haunt popular with the arty students, the local Thai crowd and the masses of tourists which inhabit this trendy yet charming part of town situated barely a few clicks north-west of the old city.

Owned by Khun Kwang, 2 dishes feature here, the first: A satiating chicken green curry fried rice, not your bog standard chicken or pork fried dish which you’ll find in the West and second: A light spicy pork salad garnished with garlic, capsicum peppers, Pak Chi – or parsley, coconut sugar, salt, 3 freshly squeezed green lemons, fish sauce and a sprinkling of chopped bell peppers (depending on your bravery!).

Both can be rustled up in under 10 ten minutes, with the green curry fried rice dish taking barley 3 minutes and the pork strips being allowed a little longer – 7 mins approx to be grilled, fried or barbecued.

Zood Zood is extremely affordable with the cow pad gaeng keow wan gai setting you back as little as 35 Baht!

Stylish, clean, with excellent service, Khun Kwang’s restaurant boasts a powerful menu with many salmon dishes, rare northern recipes and an ever changing menu based on seasonal foods.

A variation of beers are also in stock to accompany your steak, salad, seafood, noodle soup or rice number.

A new menu is on the cards after Songkran 2015, with updates here to follow.

Watch this space!


Key health benefits:

Tick1 Lean satiating healthy carbohydrate meal

Tick1 Balance your Alkaline pH level 

Tick1 Stacked with vitamins & nutrients

Tick1 Parsley promotes a healthy heart, inhibits tumor formation & is listed as a natural chemo-protective food. 


 Chicken Green Curry Fried Rice


bullet point 2 1/4 cup of coconut milk (no cooking oil needed)

bullet point 2 3 tbsp of green curry paste

bullet point 2 An ample portion of red & green capsicum peppers

bullet point 2 Plenty of basil leaves

bullet point 2 6 strips of lean chicken

bullet point 2 A bowl of healthy rice of your choosing

bullet point 2 2 tbsp of fish sauce


 Spicy Pork Salad


bullet point 2 Strips of grilled neck pork garnished with a mix of crushed garlic, pepper, salt, Thai chilies & coconut sugar

bullet point 2 1 small chopped tomato

bullet point 21 small red onion

bullet point 2 Hansome sprinkling of extra ground coconut sugar

bullet point 2 2 tbsp of fish sauce

bullet point 2 3 Freshly squeezed green lemons

bullet point 2 Sliced Thai chilies of your choice


NOTE: The beauty of Thai food is that you’re allowed to explore different ingredients to add and  remove and change portion sizes etc – nothing is written in stone.


If you’ve eaten at the Zood Zood Restaurant – we’d love to hear your comments below:

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Chicken Green Curry Fried Rice


Green Curry Fried Rice




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