Thai Chilies Do’s & Don’ts

Thai Chilies¬†Do’s & Don’ts


Thai chilies do's and don'tsThai chilies – aka bell peppers – can be potentially lethal if you get a minor fleck in your eye & overpowering when prepared in a badly ventilated room.

So that you know how to prepare Thai chilies to¬†avoid some of these pitfalls, the following is a mandatory list of the do’s and don’ts when handling this staple aromatic Thai ingredient.


Use gloves

Use a teaspoon of salt when roasting to reduce their potency

Use a well ventilated area

Use one hand to cover the pestle when chomping Thai chilies with the mortar in the other

Use soap and water to wash off residue on skin

Drink milk or a creamy drink or an ice-tea to relieve the spicy sensation in the mouth


Don’t:Dried red mature Thai chilies

Touch the eyes, mouth or sensitive area’s when handling

Use a lotion to wash off Thai chili residue on the skin as it traps heat


General rule of thumb:

Older bright red Thai chilies are hotter than younger green ones

Fresh are hotter than dried

Wash and dry prior to freezing

Can be stored for many months frozen

Always freeze in an airtight container to limit breakdown in potency


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