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Trip Advisor #8 of 1,683

Hor Mok in Coconut

Taste from Heaven Magazine review

Taste from Heaven

Taste from Heaven in Chiang Mai

Ranked #8 from 1,683 places to eat in Chiang Mai on Trip Advisor, with 380 reviews rated excellent from 506 (as of 04/01/16), here the wonderful owner Khun Nan prepared her unique vegetarian dish Hor Mok in Coconut, which roughly translates as red curry in coconut wrap.

Having opened her first restaurant in Australia 2003, Khun Phayungchit Khidhen – “Khun Nan” –  returned to Chiang Mai in 2008 and has continued to deliver exceptional dishes, first from the original Taste from Heaven located on Tha Phae Road and now in 2014 from her new branch on Ratmakka Road inside the old city.

In order to replicate salty and sugary tastes in a vegetarian manner for this dish, mushroom flavored seasoning powder acts as the former and as a sweetener, the surplus coconut water drained from the coconut in preparation for this dish can be added – depending on your choice on the palette.

Taste from Heaven lists a wonderful English vegetarian English Breakfast, with veggie bacon and sausages, fried tempeh, egg, tomato, veggie ham, fried potato, 2 hash browns, Australian baked beans and avocado when in season.

It’s fair to say that given how fresh and clean the quality of food is here, it’s incredibly cheap as these are the types of ingredients you’ll find in more expensive establishments, with the pandang curry to die for.

The menu in general is very varied, plus you can also do cookery courses here where you get to consume your assignment.

This dish can be best explained as being rich in fiber but low in calories.

You may think bamboo shoots are hard to attain in the west but you’ll be surprised what you find when you dig a little deeper at your wester convenience store. Here is one example of the many brands which supply bamboo shoots at an affordable price on Amazon.

Bamboo shoots have tremendous health benefits where 100g holds just 27 calories.

They contribute to healthier cholesterol levels, are rich in Vitamin B and potassium and contain the good minerals, especially manganese and copper.

Overall, given that this dish is rich in coconut meat, milk and juice, bamboo, mushrooms and tofu, it’s therefore quite bulky but very low on calories.

I had trouble finishing Hor Mok in Coconut even after a 10km run in the morning so could easily serve 2. Plus this was without rice I should add.


Key health benefits:

Tick1 Extremely satiating but very light on calories

Tick1 Coconut meat – protects against heart disease and stroke

Tick1 Bamboo shoot – contributes to healthier cholesterol levels + high in potassium, manganese & copper

Tick1 Rich in vitamin A, B, B6, E, polyphenols & phytosterols


Hor Mok in Coconut



bullet point 2 Big coconut

bullet point 2 Coconut meat

bullet point 2 Coconut milk

bullet point 2 Tofu

bullet point 2 White lettuce

bullet point 2 Mushrooms

bullet point 2 Sweet basil leaves

bullet point 2 Egg

bullet point 2 Red curry paste (aka shrimp paste)

bullet point 2 Kaffir lime leaf

bullet point 2 Baby bamboo shoot

bullet point 2 Sliced chili




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Khun Nan - Taste from Heaven owner

Lovely mushy's!!

Hor Mok in Coconut ingredients

Tool for scraping out coconut

Tool for scraping out coconut

Hor Mok in Coconut

Hor Mok in Coconut

Hor Mok in Coconut on the menu

100% coconut milk brand used at Taste from Heaven

Mushroom stock

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