Secret to Silky Smooth Thai Skin

Secret to Silky Smooth Thai Skin


Secret to Silky Smooth Thai SkinIt’s true that not all the various Thai skin types are stereo-typically smooth and shimmering, like the images you see of those healthy rejuvenated cleansed Thai faces in women’s magazines and tourists brochures.

It’s apparent the gents are the first to let that glow go, with the big culprit being their penchant for Thai whiskey as well as being heavy cigarette smokers – not surprisingly given their price.

But when you do come across men and women of all ages that are able to maintain that effervescent skin type, it’s clear after a little prying as to how they’ve achieved this.

By abstaining from the harmful toxins of alcohol and carcinogens, their local daily Thai diet of endless fresh vegetables, spices and fruit appears the overriding contributing factor.

Thai skin typeWith no dairy products, fast food, saturated fats and processed carbohydrates found in endless western ready meals and micro-waved dishes – their skin is able to breathe more freely, without blocking up the pores with dietary free radicals.

Yet despite the physiological characteristics of South East Asian skin being little known about in contrast to the mountains of studies conducted on Caucasian skin, it should be noted that Thai skin in particular comes in many shades.

From the pearly white Northern Chiang Mai texture, venturing east to the golden Isaan light brown glow and then south to the almost Polynesian coloring and frizzy hair, Thai skin is varied in both color and texture.

What is unfortunate however and appears to be driven by the beauty skin industry is the emphasis on having whiter lighter skin – where having dark skin is appears frowned upon and is marketed as a lower status.

This is sad because some of the most beautiful skin tones are found on those living in rural areas, the farming and fishing communities where an active lifestyle and a healthy diet and dose of vitamin E from the tropical sunshine are how the west view Thai skin stereo-typically as opposed to the China doll white look which is plastered all over Thai media to bizarrely try and convince women that whiter is better.

However – what is clear is that whatever your skin coloring, eating certain Thai foods can have a significant effect on how fresh and clear your skin looks.

The following Thai foods and ingredients therefore are considered to be the most influential here:


Thai TumericSimilar tasting to galangal ginger and look, turmeric is used in a wide range of recipes, particularly Congee which is a warming Thai breakfast and also Khao Tom Moo Saab, also eaten in the morning – a rice soup which is wonderfully cleansing on the palette.

Tumeric is an excellent anti-inflammatory and is used to treat Eczema in this region. It helps protect the skin against damaging free radicals present in the air and also fights bacterial infections.

You can try taking turmeric supplements which are available and sourced from this native herb or simply include larger quantities in your diet.

It is also proven to increase serotonin and dopamine levels – therefore it should improve your mood.


Thai OrangesThai’s in general eat A LOT of fruit, it’s just part of their staple nibbles and is available in bountiful quantities at a fraction of what many pay in the west.

Freshly squeezed small bottled orange of juice may start from as little as 20 baht and can be found on most streets and due to its high collagen level it helps slow the skins aging process down and when dried and made into a powdered mix, just like lemons, makes a wonderful facial scrub helping to clear up blemishes.


Thai BananasBananas are also available in plentiful supply.

They do fry them in Thailand which is also a popular street food, but they also come dried in places like 7/11 and obviously fresh from where you’ll get your biggest does of iron, potassium and magnesium.

How to make a Banana Facial Mask

Rich in vitamins A, B and E you should try a banana facial mask which is prepared as follows:

1 banana
1 teaspoon of honey
1 teaspoon of lemon juice

Mash the banana up still it’s a smooth paste then mix in the honey and lemon juice.

Paste it over your face making sure the layer is consistent so it will permeate deep into those pores and leave for up to 15 minutes and rinse with warm water.

You could also add some turmeric powder if you have the odd pimple and exchange the honey and lemon with half a teaspoon of baking soda.

For reducing wrinkles again mash up a banana and add a teaspoon of both orange juice and thick natural yogurt.

Thai PapayaPapaya

An extremely versatile fruit, the immensely popular papaya pokpok – or somtam – once an Isaan dish is now eaten throughout the country and is probably how this fruit is eaten on such a vast national scale.

The fruits natural milk has for centuries been utilized to heal skin lesions  and clear up dead skin thanks to its specifically unique enzyme papain.

Papain is essentially a natural exfoliator and the fruits skin is used in some cultures such as Thai and Tahitian as poultices to treat, burns, cuts and infections.

Papain is an extremely effective skin renewal and skin lightening enzyme and it is being heavily researched right now as to how to exploit these exact benefits more.

Papaya is also an anti-oxidant packed fruit which is very rich in vitamin A.

If you’ve ever had an even mildly spicy papaya salad, you will know how  this dish utterly unclogs the nasal area and the skin surrounding the eyes – it’s a complete detoxing experience – (quite handy if you’ve had a few too many the night before!).

MangoThai Mango

Fresh mango is simply to die for and is understandably nicknamed the King of fruits that injects a healthy charge of collagen production which regenerates and restores skin cells helping to improve eye-lasticity.


Thai WatermelonUsed on both the skin and for consumption, fresh watermelon is the perfect skin rehydrating fruit and is also a natural diuretic which means it flushes out and detoxes the liver and kidney.

It is also used to help soothe and diminish acne patches and sunburn and additionally to enhance and hydrate your skin color by mixing the juice with honey and massaging it into the skin or by adding hazelnut to treat oily skin types.

The photonutrient present in watermelon is citrulline which increases levels of arginine in the blood which in turn will improve your blood circulation around the scalp – so useful for influencing the renewal of hair growth.


ALKALINE Anti-CANCER DietFinally, watermelon is an alkaline forming food. Foods like these make it very difficult for illness and disease to occur in contrast to consuming an acidic diet made up of dairy, meat and eggs. where cancer thrives.

In fact the nobel prize winning Otto Warburg proved in 1931 that cancer cannot survive in an oxygen rich alkaline environment but instead flourishes in a starved oxygen and acidic one – in fact every person who has ever developed any form of cancer has a pH which is too acidic.

Therefore maintaining a daily pH Alkaline level between 6.5 and 7.5 each day makes it virtually impossible for cancer to flourish.

To test your pH level head to your local drugstore, pharmacy, chemist or online retailer and pick up a pack of pH test strips.

You should try to test your urine at approximately the same time each morning as your urine is more acidic at this time.

As stated – You are aiming for a pH value that resides between 6.5 and 7.5.

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  1. All of these are seen in a tropical country. Just like in Thailand they can have these fruits all year round. It’s great to know how these fruits create incredible results on the skin. This could be a better alternative than buying expensive skin care products.

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