Rim Nam Cuisine Restaurant Chiang Mai

Rim Nam Cuisine Chiang Mai

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Somtam Polemai Tuerm at Rim Nam Restaurant Chiang Mai

rim nam cuisine laab tub tim 2

Rim nam laab tub tim

Rim Nam Cuisine Restaurant in Chiang Mai

I should first add that if you’re intending on experiencing the wonderfully diverse North Eastern dishes of Rim Nam Cuisine first hand, it can be a little tricky to find.

Basically, if you’re heading from the old city and you turn off to Promenade Mall, go past Promenade Mall and then do your first u-turn. Drive back, almost passing Promenade Mall on your right then take the left turn which is a slip road just before going over the bridge and then a quick left then right again – you should see this sign to the right of this page —> in front of you.

The lovely Khun Fon, kindly laid it on by making two exceptionally unique North Eastern dishes, one of which  – the Somtam Polmai Tuerm Salad – was a new experience, consisting of garlic, crispy fish, pear, tomato, apple, peanut, grape, mango, carrot, garnished in a mixture of fish sauce, sugar water and zesty lemon juice.

However such dish is open to variation Khun Fon adds, with banana, pineapple or fried shrimp among many that could be thrown into the mix.

The second dish, Laab (salad) Pla Tub Tim – Pla Tub Tim is Thai for the red tilapia fish – is just one just fish you could use, it’s entirely your choice as the ground ingredients of this fish salad would grace many sea creatures.

The red tilapia had previously been fried for 10 to 15 minutes in a little corn oil, where according to wiki: “its high smoke point makes refined corn oil a valuable frying oil”.

Laab Pla Tub Tim is a very moorish salad and is a perfect plate to prepare if you want to treat and impress friends and family – a sensationally grand Thai fish salad that should be shared among many.


Key health benefits of both dishes:

Tick1 A powerful variety of anti-oxidant fruits

Tick1 Scintillate your palette

Tick1 Stacked with vitamins & nutrients

Tick1 Very light on the tummy but still satiating

Tick1 Full of omega-3’s


 Somtam Polemai Tuerm Salad



bullet point 2 Small dried crispy fish

bullet point 2Pear cubes

bullet point 2 Red grapes

bullet point 2Apple cubes

bullet point 2Mango cubes

bullet point 2Diced carrot

bullet point 2Sliced tomato

bullet point 2Red chili peppers

bullet point 2 Peanuts

bullet point 2Nam pla (fish sauce)

bullet point 2Nam cheung (sugar water)

bullet point 2Lemon juice


 Laab Pla Tub Tim


bullet point 2 Nam Pla

bullet point 2 Nam cheung

bullet point 2 Ground red chili powder

bullet point 2 Ground rice

bullet point 2 Dried chilies

bullet point 2 Coconut water

bullet point 2 Parsley

bullet point 2 Basil

bullet point 2 Mint

bullet point 2 Coriander

bullet point 2 Onion

bullet point 2 Spring onion

bullet point 2 Chicken stock

bullet point 2 Fresh lemons





If you’ve eaten at the Rim Nam Cuisine we’d love to hear your thoughts below:

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Somtam Polemai Tuerm Salad

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Laab Pla Tub Tim at Rim Nam Restaurant Chiang Mai

Laab Pla Tub Tim

Laab Pla Tub Tim ingredients

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