Raad Nah Restaurant Chiang Mai

raad nah restaurant chiang mai


raad nah soy and oyester sauce


raad nah mortar


raad nah thai detox diet


Raad Nah Restaurant Chiang Mai

Run by Mr Herc and famous for its pad see ew, Raad Nah is an extremely affordable, clean and welcome restaurant which opens at 7am – which is great as many Thai eateries don’t stir till much later – and closes at 4pm.

Having made it a regular morning haunt, Mr Herc was most welcoming, allowing me to film him and his 2nd chef a wonderful detoxing dish that will take you just a few minutes to prepare – literally.

Other great dishes on the menu which are beautifully presented include Ghoay See Mee, Khao Pad Gai and Khao Tom Moo Saab – all for only 30baht each!

Each Thai chef as with all chefs have there own way of doing things and in Mr Herc’s case he makes his own oyster slash soy sauce combo which consists of roughly 70% soy sauce and 30% oytesr sauce – so it’s quite thick and binding but very easy to prepare of which the details are listed in the pantry page of the product.


 Kanaa Moo Krob


bullet point 2 Slice 1 or 2 red Thai chilies

bullet point 2 Slice 1 clove of garlic

bullet point 2 Pound in pestle & mortar for 15 secs

bullet point 2 Cut up 10 strips of kale (Chinese broccoli)

bullet point 2 Slice up 6 thick chunks of crispy pork underbelly

bullet point 2 Add to 1 to 2 tbsp of cooking oil

bullet point 2 2 tbsp of soy & oyster sauce

bullet point 2 2 tbsp of meat or vegetable stock


Watch Mr Herc at Raad Nah Restaurant in Chiang Mai work his magic:



If you’ve tried Mr Herc’s cuisine please let us know which dish you tried and how it fared!

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raad nah thai detox diet

khao pad gai

Khao Tom Moo Saab


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