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Pruksa Restaurant Chiang Mai

Run by Khun Pui who recently relocated her 20 year established restaurant from Bangkok to Chiang Mai, Pruksa – a quintessential Thai flower, is located on the north west city wall ring-road, next to Wattanohthaipayap School, just before Suan Dok Gate.

Open daily from 11am to 11pm, Pruksa specializes in quite rare herbal sweet and sour dishes that even if you feel fairly well versed in Thai cuisine, its uniqueness and originality might surprise you.

For example beautiful light lemony spicy dressings help accompany banana blossom salad and tangy pomelo and pork jerky dishes, all carefully handcrafted down through grandmother to mother and now Khun Rujiraporn “Pui” Techatep, who’ve all received awards for their cooking, with her latest recipes featuring on the Thai food program, Khun Toy’s Kitchen – Krua Khun Thoy.

Surprisingly, the menu is extremely good value for money with a Banana Blossom Salad (Royal recipe) served with Medium Boiled Egg setting you back a mere 120 baht – such a dish in the West would be astronomically higher.

Tastes crafted and designed through her culinary expert heritage, brought up in Lampang Khun Pui sharpened her skills at the School of the Oriental Hotel Apprenticeship Program (OHAP,) majoring in the Oriental Professional Thai Chef Program.

With a beautiful menu of foods derived from across Thailand so catered for all tastes listing Northern, North-Eastern, seafood, salads, sauces and more – each dish is exquisitely presented, normally served on a leaf, in a flower or wrapped in the flora relative to that dish.

Khun Pui kindly made two dishes for this diet so rest assured the tastes she creates will burst with a true sensation at every bite.

Key health benefits:

Tick1 Wonderfully detoxing salads

Tick1 Unclog your senses and pores around the eyes & nose

Tick1 Packed with vitamins & nutrients

Tick1 Extremely light & yet quite richly satiating


 Banana Blossom Salad (Royal Recipe)



bullet point 2 2 sliced banana blossoms

bullet point 2 1 tbsp of chopped Thai chilies

bullet point 2 1 tbsp of chopped red onions

bullet point 2 2 tbsp of fried garlic

bullet point 2 1 tbsp of fish sauce

bullet point 2 2 tbsp of lemon juice (roughly 70% freshly squeezed lemon and 30% water)

bullet point 2 2 tbsp of sugar syrup (roughly 130 g sugar, 125 ml water) – Prepare by placing the sugar and water into a pan and letting it dissolve on a low heat before bringing to the boil for 2 mins)

bullet point 2 3 tbsp of narm prik pao – See preparation here

bullet point 2 Ample sprinkling of roasted coconut

bullet point 2 Add a further sprinkling of sliced red onion, fried peanuts and a couple of dried red chilies popped in the top


Watch Khun Pui make her sumptous Banana Blossom Salad live at her restaurant Pruksa in Chiang Mai:




If you’ve eaten at the Pruksa Restaurant – we’d love to hear what wondrous dish you had below:

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Khun Pui - Pruksa Restaurant Owner

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