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Brewers by Basic Line Chiang Mai

Brewers Basic Line Chiang Mai
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How did Thai cuisine evolve?


How did Thai cuisine evolve?   Early Thai cooking methods practiced baking, grilling and stewing and it wasn’t until pre-16th Century that western, Chinese and Indian influences were married into the mix. The Thai’s first adopted some of the methods of the Chinese introducing frying, stir frying and deep frying in the late 1600’s along with Portuguese culinary variations and then moved onto to take elements from French, Dutch and Japanese cuisine in the 17 Century. However, when the Portuguese missionaries first arrived late 16th century, they brought with them “chilies!” which were a staple ingredient included in South American food from where they had previously worked. One of the Thai’s great attributes is their ability to adopt and interweave outside practices which may compliment their own and from this marriage of western and closer to home influences – 5 Centuries later they have been harmoniously combined to produce a diet that is both light, incredibly sumptuous and […]

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Thai Chilies Do’s & Don’ts

Thai chilies do's and don'ts

Thai Chilies Do’s & Don’ts   Thai chilies – aka bell peppers – can be potentially lethal if you get a minor fleck in your eye & overpowering when prepared in a badly ventilated room. So that you know how to prepare Thai chilies to avoid some of these pitfalls, the following is a mandatory list of the do’s and don’ts when handling this staple aromatic Thai ingredient. Do: Use gloves Use a teaspoon of salt when roasting to reduce their potency Use a well ventilated area Use one hand to cover the pestle when chomping Thai chilies with the mortar in the other Use soap and water to wash off residue on skin Drink milk or a creamy drink or an ice-tea to relieve the spicy sensation in the mouth   Don’t: Touch the eyes, mouth or sensitive area’s when handling Use a lotion to wash off Thai chili residue on […]

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Secret to Silky Smooth Thai Skin

Secret to Silky Smooth Thai Skin

Secret to Silky Smooth Thai Skin   It’s true that not all the various Thai skin types are stereo-typically smooth and shimmering, like the images you see of those healthy rejuvenated cleansed Thai faces in women’s magazines and tourists brochures. It’s apparent the gents are the first to let that glow go, with the big culprit being their penchant for Thai whiskey as well as being heavy cigarette smokers – not surprisingly given their price. But when you do come across men and women of all ages that are able to maintain that effervescent skin type, it’s clear after a little prying as to how they’ve achieved this. By abstaining from the harmful toxins of alcohol and carcinogens, their local daily Thai diet of endless fresh vegetables, spices and fruit appears the overriding contributing factor. With no dairy products, fast food, saturated fats and processed carbohydrates found in endless western ready […]

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