Kaofae Restaurant Chiang Mai

Kaofae restuarant chiang mai

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Tel no: 081-904-1660

Kaofae restuarant chiang mai

Kaofae restuarant chiang mai outside

Green mango salad with dried coconut, peanut in sweet tamarind sauce

Kaofae Restaurant Chiang Mai

Kaofae restaurant situated on the corner of Nimmana Haeminda Soi 5 and Siri Mangkalajarn Road – quite a mouthful, is easy to spot and stands out from the crowd of neighboring eateries due to its lush pebble-stone seating area parked out front.

Owned by Khun Paow from Mae Taeng, he kindly offered to make the wonderfully detoxing green mango salad with dried coconut and peanut in sweet tamarind sauce.

Due to time restraints and the pending Songkran hustle and bustle we were unable to film this recipe being made, so this won’t feature in the Thai Detox Diet, but the recipe and ingredients will be listed below in due course.

A deliciously tantalizing dish, mango offers all host of anti-carcinogen, anti-aging and longevity health benefits as listed below.


Key health benefits of mango:

Tick1 Mango protects against colon, breast, leukemia and prostate cancers

Tick1 Moderates cholesterol levels

Tick1 Helps cleanse the skin

Tick1 Helps alkalize the body as it contains malic acid, traces of citric acid and  tartaric acid – all contributing to your alkali reserve

Tick1 Its vitamins and nutrients are excellent satiating ingredients keeping you feel fuller for longer

Tick1 A fibrous fruit that boosts the body’s digestive ability helping you to burn extra calories


 Green Mango Salad with dried coconut & peanut in sweet tamarind sauce


Recipe & ingredients: 

bullet point 2 Coming soon!

bullet point 2


NOTE: The beauty of Thai food is that you’re allowed to explore different ingredients to add and  remove and change portion sizes etc – nothing is written in stone.


If you’ve eaten at the Kaofae Restaurant in Nimman – we’d love to hear your comments below:

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Green mango slald in tamarind sauce

kaofae restaurant  outside

kaofae restaurant  10 khao soi dishes

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