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Dara Vietnamese Restaurant Chiang Mai

Nestled behind the north-eastern ring road of the outer side of the city wall, just off Sithiwongse Rd on Chiang Moi Kao Rd is the tranquil setting of Dara restaurant which adopts many Vietnamese dishes and adds a twist of Thai influence.

Khun Dara kindly introduced us to the light appetizer known as Nam Nuong in Vietnam – or Naem Nueng here in Chiang Mai which consists of garlic, chopped up unripe banana and mango, diced pineapple, sliced green Thai chilies with firmly molded grilled meat balls which are wrapped in rice paper followed by an an outer layer of lettuce leaf and then dipped in a sauce made of among other things, crushed peanut and ground chilies.

You can however as always toy with the ingredients depending on what’s available to you and whether you’d like to keep it vegetarian or not, plus the rice paper to be fair adds more of a glutinous feel, so lettuce alone will suffice.

The meat balls in this recipe are made up of ground pork and a combo of ingredients.

For an authentic Vietnamese meat ball recipe however you could try JohnDLee’s hubpage recipe:

600 grams of ground pork
¼ cup of coconut milk
1 tsp of salt
2 tsp of oyster sauce
¼ cup of corn starch
2 tsp of sugar
2 tbls of sesame seeds

To keep the dish cleaner you could exclude the meat balls as the dip alone is still satiating and can be made as follows using:

¾ cup of white vinegar
½ cup of sugar
2 tsp of salt
1 tbls of finely chopped Thai bird chilies
1 tbls of finely chopped garlic
½ cup of finely shredded carrot
2 tbls of chopped toasted peanuts


Key health benefits of Naem Nueng:

Tick1 Eating raw sliced garlic clothes delivers multiple medicinal benefits of which probably the most important is that it releases the compound Allicin – a cancer prevention agent & immune system enhancer

Tick1 Raw bananas contain high resistant starch content – more suitable for type ll diabetes.  

Tick1 Raw or green bananas contain a pro-biotic bacteria, a friendly bacterium that improves colon health

Tick1 Raw mango treats gastro-intestinal disorders. Mixed with a little honey & salt it can cure diarrhea, piles, indigestion, morning sickness plus other ailments. 

Tick1 Eating fresh unripe mango increases elasticity of blood vessels, improving red blood cell regeneration & absorption of foods & iron preventing anemic disorders

Tick1 Unripe mangoes trigger the secretion of bile which acts as a natural antiseptic to liver disorders 

 One way to make Vietnamese Naem Nueng Thai Style



bullet point 2 10 x Nahm Neung

bullet point 2 4 x garlic

bullet point 2 1 x ripe green banana

bullet point 2 1 x ripe mango

bullet point 2 1 x chopped pineapple

bullet point 2 Some chopped chilies dependent on your palette!


NOTE: The beauty of Thai food is that you’re allowed to explore different ingredients to add and  remove and change portion sizes etc – nothing is written in stone.

For example mushroom flavoured seasoning powder – MSG free – is used in some salads to salt it up the healthier way, or coconut water to sweeten as opposed to granulated white sugar.


If you’ve eaten at the Dara Vietnamese Restaurant in Chiang Mai – we’d love to hear your thoughts below:




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Dara Vietnamese Restaurant Menu

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