Chimney House Chiang Mai

Chimney House Chiang Mai

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Chimney House Garden Chiang Mai

Thai Hummus by Chimney House

Thai Hummus ingredients

Chimney House in Chiang Mai

The Chimney House is located on Rural road 4307, just off Canal road and runs alongside the sprawling yet often barren, newly built International Convention and Exhibition Center, commissioned by Thaksin with the intention of running a sky train along the canal to and from the Night Safari Park which never came into fruition.

This very charming peaceful spot is popular with the local foreign residents particularly in the mornings where Chimney House serve delish western breakfasts such as their cheesy french toast served with bacon, sausage or ham or their homemade apple pie with cinnamon powder accompanied with fresh ground Chiang Mai coffee bean.

They also cater for Japanese foodies which includes the Tonkatsu Curry Rice or if you can eat a horse – their Chimney Stacked Burger!

For this Thai Detox Diet dish however they kindly shared their unique and personal homemade Thai hummus recipe, the Levantine food dip which to be fair is not really an appetizer heard of or enjoyed by the Thai public in general – except for those who’ve been further a shore or who’ve immersed in different cuisines – so their current demographic are mainly westerners who buy their hummus from one of the six stores in Chiang Mai that they sell to.

As you can see from the ingredients laid on the table above they are preparing here for their bi-weekly shipment so you obviously won’t need nearly as many chickpeas! – only 500 grams to be exact.

These are imported Indian chickpeas which are said to be less sweeter than most chickpeas farmed in other countries and are not so sweet as their alternative import from Myanmar, so in order to reduce the final sweetness you can add a little freshly squeezed lemon juice which will make the hummus more sour.

One of the hidden ingredients in this recipe is Caraway powder, not your average hummus component and in this instance it is in fact cumin powder which is included in Thai yellow curries.

This may be in fact while hummus is not a hit among Thai’s as in their curries, the cumin is masked or overshadowed by Thai spices, yet in hummus it is allowed to breathe which may be why it’s bitter undertones are a little sour on the Thai palette.

Finally, Tahini is added after the ingredients are blended which help release and discharge trapped flavors.

It should be noted however that of all the Thai Detox Diet recipes, this one does take a little preparation and can’t be rustled up in a jiffy.

The chickpeas will need to be soaked overnight and then boiled for 2 hrs until they become soft and open before they can be blended.


Key health benefits:

Tick1 Packed with proteins

Tick1 Full of essential vitamins & minerals

Tick1 High in the “right fats” – aka – heart-healthy unsaturated fat

Tick1 Contains olive oil, garlic, lemon juice & tahini


Thai Hummus by Chimney House



bullet point 2 Chickpea

bullet point 2 Extra Virgin Olive Oil

bullet point 2 Garlic Puree

bullet point 2 Himalayan Pink Salt

bullet point 2 Caraway Powder

bullet point 2 Water

bullet point 2 Tahini

bullet point 2 Freshly squeezed lemon juice

bullet point 2 Ground Pepper



Recipe and vid to follow!


If you’ve eaten at the Chimney House we’d love to hear your thoughts below:

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Indian Chick Peas

Himalayan Pink Sea Salt

Bertolli Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Caraway Powder

Garlic Puree

Freshly squeezed lemon juice

Ground Black Pepper

Finished product!

Inside Chimney House Chiang Mai

Inside Chimney House Chiang Mai

The Chimney House

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