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Bai Bua Bok Salad

Brewers by Basic Line Chiang Mai

After the  third dish laid on by the very generous owner Phillip at his lovely new bar and restaurant the Brewers by Basic Line Chiang Mai in Loi Kroh Soi 1, he spoke of his love for seafood and came up with some very unusual and revealing facts.

The kind that unravel some of those mystical barriers that a foreigner is faced with when confronted with the overwhelming hustle and bustle of a Thai food market and the sheer depth of produce that’s on offer.
For example, ever wondered by there’s so much seafood in Chiang Mai?

Part of this we probably already know in that it’s farmed in the surrounding communities of Hang Dong and Mae Rim up in the stunning Thanon Thong Chai Mountain Range but what many may not be aware is that’s it comes by air and land from neighboring Vietnam and Cambodia.

Surprisingly fish is also sent in from Australia where there is no middleman to bump up the cost making salmon, beef and lamb – all cheaper in Chiang Mai than you’d find in Brisbane.

Another quote I loved which rings true is that it’s rare that any one dish is ever made the same – true throughout Thailand.

In fact there are so many variations and individual local recipes that like Phillip said: You could – if you did the leg work – never eat the same dish twice.

When you walk around say Muang Mai Market which spreads itself east along the river Ping, while some of the crab whether it’s been flown up from Thai coastal villages or farmed locally are very similar in appearance to what you’ll find in Oz, the flora and vegetables can keep you guessing.

Take the herb Bai Bua Bok or the Asiatic Pennywort  which is an annual slender creeping plant that has a multitude of medicinal uses: wound healing, better blood circulation, memory enhancement, body detoxifier and an effective eradicator of skin toxins – this is one such ingredient included in the Thai Detox Diet.

In total 3 dishes were prepared at the Brewers – all of which are salads that include mackerel, prawn and sardines.

Key health benefits:

Tick1 Anti-carcinogenic

Tick1 Fortify your immune system

Tick1 Improve cardiovascular health

Tick1 Enhance your brain and nerve development

Be careful with the red and green Thai chili count included in some of the chef’s Khun Nid’s recipes however!

The second of which includes fresh mackerel in her final dish is a deeply refreshing dish and will help unclog the nose, the pores around the eyes and tantalize your palette as it’s packed with essential herbal nutrients which in the case of the kaffir lime leaves will also help cleanse the hair as they’re used commonly in Thai hair products for this specific reason.

 Yum Pla Tu


bullet point 2 3 tbsp of lemon grass

bullet point 2 3 sliced shallots

bullet point 2 2 sliced garlic

bullet point 2 1/2 to 1 or 2 tbsp of chopped Thai chilies

bullet point 2 1 tbsp of devained kaffir lime leaves

bullet point 2 1 tbsp of sliced chives

bullet point 2 2 tbsp of fish oil

bullet point 2 Sprinkle of coconut sugar

bullet point 2 3 tbsp of lime juice

bullet point 2 1 cooked mackerel


Watch Khun Nid prepare her Yum Pla Tu at Brewers Basic Line in Chiang Mai:



If you’ve eaten at the Brewer’s – we would love to hear your thoughts below.

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