Aum Vegetarian Restaurant Chiang Mai

Avocado Maki Recipe

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Aum Vegetarian Restaurant Chiang Mai

Fresh Spring Roll ingredients

Fresh Spring Rolls at Aum Vegetarian Restaurant Chiang Mai

Aum Vegetarian Restaurant Chiang Mai

Aum Vegetarian Restaurant has been perched on the edge of the city wall opposite Tha Phae gate since 1984 and has since established itself as one of Chiang Mai’s oldest and best vegetarian restaurants.

On the outside it’s quite unnoticeable and is kind of concealed behind a simple exterior of just a little wooden door with a window each side and a couple of tables, buried in the hustle of tourists and songtaews (red pick-up vans).

Keep your eyes peeled for Aum Vegetarian Restaurant above the door and upon entering you’ll be pleasantly taken aback by it’s 36 year history in all its glory.

Khun Nok took over the mantle 6 years ago after the original owners took on traveling the globe, and has gone on to develop the menu, accomplished in part by growing her farm in Doi Sakhet 17 km’s out, which boasts enormous organically grown greens and a multitude of fresh herbs.

Here we filmed her Best Seller – Avocado Maki and another satiating but light on the tummy dish, Fresh Spring Roll’s.

With a huge selection of all Thai dishes under the sun in vegetarian or vegan style, they also cater for the Chinese, Indian, Vietnamese and Japanese palate.

The Khao Soi and Avocado Maki seem to be the front runner’s on the menu.

Finding a vegetarian Khao Soi in Chiang Mai is not an easy task, but it does replicate the kick you get from a chicken Kao Soi although there’s more of a herbal aromatic punch, where the meat is substituted with fried tofu –  which is not for everyone as even fried tofu can be a tad bland – or tempeh with has double the protein.

On the plus side with using tofu with this dish is that it’s so absorbent, it takes on the flavors of the Kao Soi, particularly the nam prik pow which an essential catalyst in setting this dish off.

The vegan tempura vegetables also come highly rated along with the spicy kale stir fry – an alternative to the staple Thai dish – kana moo krob or stir fried kale with crisp underbelly pork – tastier if you’re a meat eater.

The first floor is the place to unwind at the end of the day, laid out with Thai mats and low seated teak Lana crafted tables with a view over the bustling touristy Tae Phae gate.



Key health benefits:

Tick1 Culantro is rich in iron, carotene, riboflavin & calcium

Tick1 Few calories

 Tick1 High in fiber

Tick1 Improves digestive health, aids cholesterol-lowering & weight loss

Tick1 Rich in oleic acid – Heart-healthy monounsaturated fatty acids 


Avocado Maki


bullet point 2 Avocado

bullet point 2 Jasmine brown rice

bullet point 2 Rice vinegar

bullet point 2 Seaweed strips

bullet point 2 Veggie or vegan mayonnaise

bullet point 2 Wine honey

bullet point 2 Wasabi

bullet point 2 Ginger & beetroot

bullet point 2 Parsley


Recipe to follow…


Fresh Spring Rolls


bullet point 2 Drinking water

bullet point 2 Rice paper

bullet point 2 Lettuce

bullet point 2 Carrot

bullet point 2 Green papaya

bullet point 2 Beetroot

bullet point 2 Tofu or tempeh

bullet point 2 Mixed cabbage

bullet point 2 Culantro – spiny or serrated coriander

bullet point 2 Basil

bullet point 2 Beetroot & ginger


Recipe to follow…


Vid’s and cooking times to follow:


If you’ve eaten at Aum Vegetarian restaurant in Chiang Mai, we’d love to hear your thoughts below:

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Home grown veggie's from Khun Nok's farm Doi Sakhet

Khun Nok preparing Fresh Spring Rolls

Avocado Maki - Best Seller!

blue rice - natural coloring butterfly pea flower

ginger and beetroot

Fresh herbs from Doi Sakhet farm

Carrot, cucumber, tofu, mint, lettuce

Aum's Health board

Upstairs at Aum's restaurant

Upstairs at Aum restaurant

Fresh Spring Rolls

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