Anchan Vegetarian Restaurant Chiang Mai

Anchan Vegetarian Restaurant Chiang Mai

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Anchan Vegetarian Restaurant Chiang Mai balcony

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Thai Massaman Vegetarian Curry at Anchan Restaurant Chiang Mai

Anchan Vegetarian Restaurant Chiang Mai

Located directly opposite Nimmana Haeminda Soi 13, up a little dead end lane, just walk past the Burmese restaurant on your left and you will see MANA Co-working & Reading space and directly to your right you will see a narrow staircase which leads up to Anchan Vegetarian Restaurant on the first floor – or 2nd floor if you’re Thai.

The menu changes daily but they also retain their more popular dishes: long eggplant Thai miso, mixed vegetable stir-fried, pad Thai mushroom and their fantastic Massaman vegetarian curry.

Not commonly used in your usual Thai curry, spices include cardamom, cinnamon, cloves, star anise, cumin, nutmeg and mace.

Originally brought to Thailand from the Middle East & Indian subcontinent pre-17 century and latter from the Malay Archipelago and South Asia.

Native to India, it’s the small cardamom  seed pods that are intensely aromatic and offer a coolness similar to mint, which is why a Massaman curry is quite a medicinal meal where cardamom was once originally used in Ayurvedic medicine as treatments for depression, digestive problems and mouth and throat infections.

In fact you can feel its genuine throat healing properties immediately it passes through and down your esophagus, so should you have an ailment in this area, much like Tom Yum Goong, it opens up your tubes, soothes bronchitis and coughs and is an anti-spasmodic, helping you to get rid of hiccups, plus it’s also extremely moorish!

All of Anchan’s ingredients are pesticide free, no fish sauce, no MSG and source most of their ingredients from the Thai Royal Project, the world’s first project and one of the most successful projects of its type to replace drug-crops with legal crops.

Ranked #7 from over 1400 restaurants in Chiang Mai on Trip Advisor, clearly demonstrates that the food here is excellent, irrespective of being vegan or vegetarian.

Their vegetarian massaman curry is in fact a relatively mild curry but warmly satiating and is beautifully complemented by their passion fruit smoothie (organically farmed year round from their very own passion fruit farm) – Delish!


Key health benefits of Thai Massaman Vegetarian Curry:

Tick1 Cardamom treats digestion, oral health, colds & flu, high blood pressure plus cancers

Tick1 Cardamom cleans up free radicals & resists cellular aging

 Tick1 Strong anti-oxidant dish packed with vitamins, phytonutrients & essential oils

Tick1 Helps eliminate waste through the kidneys

Tick1Promotes healthier lungs 


Massaman Curry Paste Ingredients:

bullet point 2 3 big red mild chilies dried

bullet point 2 1 teaspoon Himalayan rock salt

bullet point 2 Galangal root sliced finely ½ tablespoon

bullet point 2 Lemongrass sliced 1 tablespoon

bullet point 2 2 cloves of garlic, peeled

bullet point 2 5 red Thai shallots or 2 big standard shallots

bullet point 2 Coriander seed 1 tablespoon

bullet point 2 Cumin seed, black pepper, cinnamon, nutmeg 1 teaspoon each

bullet point 2 2 cloves

bullet point 2 1 piece of mace

bullet point 2 Vegan Kapi

bullet point 2 1 teaspoon or fermented soybean paste

bullet point 2 3 tablespoons rice bran oil or as needed



Soak the chilies in water for 10 minutes

Put all unground herbs and the sliced shallots, lemon grass and galangal in a pan and dry, fry them until the scent comes out, approx. 5 minutes

Add the fried ingredients to the blender/grinder, add vegan kapi, salt and powdered herbs

Blender on low speed and add oil until smooth, as little as possible


If you want to make bigger portions for storage, quickly fry the obtained curry paste in a pan or wok and store in the fridge for up to 3 months!!!


Massaman Curry Ingredients:

bullet point 2 Massaman curry paste to taste, there is no fixed measurement

bullet point 2 Sliced onion

bullet point 2 Carrots diced

bullet point 2 Steamed Potatoes quartered

bullet point 2 Tomatoes quartered are the standard trinity for this curry.

bullet point 2 We add mushrooms, you can add any other veggies if you like

bullet point 2 1½ tablespoon tamarind Sauce – Tofu, soy protein, tempeh or mushrooms, whatever you like or a combination of these

bullet point 2 2 Cardamom pods and 1 star anise

bullet point 2 Water to measure

bullet point 2 Crushed peanuts to taste

bullet point 2 Coconut milk

bullet point 2 Salt and sugar



Add enough water to the wok to melt the Massaman Curry paste; you will need to add more later on, according to your ingredients.

Add all the vegetables and toss them in the curry paste

Cook until the vegetables are tender and add water as needed

Add tamarind sauce to taste

Add the cardamom and star anise

Sprinkle with crushed peanut, a bit of sugar and salt, or soy sauce to taste

Taste your food, adjust where needed and add your coconut milk to taste.


The balance of taste you are looking for is on the sweet side, Massaman is a sweet dish



A very wholesome, hearty and light yet quite bulky, throat warming dish.


If you’ve eaten at Anchan Vegetarian restaurant in Chiang Mai, we’d love to hear your thoughts below:

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