Cancer Reducing Foods – 3 Foods to Help Prevent Breast Cancer

Lady checking her breast for lumps

Cancer Reducing Foods – 3 Food types to help reduce risk or recurrence of Breast Cancer While there is not yet a diet out there which provides concrete evidence that will help ladies prevent them from getting breast cancer, there are few theories developing where certain foods may inhibit the development of this illness especially in at-risk postmenopausal women. While fruit is already known to affect the level of hormones that play a role in how cancer develops throughout the body, a new longitudinal cross-over study examined the effects of lycopene and isoflavone rich diets on serum adipokines which plays a vital role in glucose metabolism and fat regulation. As the BMI on postmenopausal women rises so does the risk of breast cancer, but if you were to adhere to a new set of lifestyle changes then you can modify your fat and sugar metabolism, helping to reduce your BMI […]

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Morning Glory Vegetarian Restaurant Chiang Mai

Carrot salad from Morning Glory

Here in a matter of minutes Khun Duan rustled up a succulent and juicy, slightly spicy vegetarian carrot salad, with optional chilies providing an added kick; lime juice for a touch of sour, brown sugar (not MSG) for the sweet tooth, garlic for its pungent hit and light (not brown) soi sauce for the salty palette.

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Imm Aim Vegetarian & Bike Cafe’ Chiang Mai

Fresh Herbal Spring Rolls with Butterfly Pea

Imm Aim Vegetarian & Bike Cafe’ in Chiang Mai serves a fusion of Thai, Mexican and Middle Eastern flavors, all grown locally – from farm to table – with a diverse range of dishes for kids and adults, you’re unlikely to find such an interesting cross-cultural vegetarian blend of recipes all gathered under one menu.

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Anchan Vegetarian Restaurant Chiang Mai

Anchan Vegetarian Restaurant Chiang Mai

Located directly opposite Nimmana Haeminda Soi 13, up a little dead end lane, just walk past the Burmese restaurant on your left and you will see MANA Co-working & Reading space and directly to your right you will see a narrow staircase which leads up to Anchan Vegetarian Restaurant on the first floor – or 2nd floor if you’re Thai.

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Aum Vegetarian Restaurant Chiang Mai

Avocado Maki Recipe

Aum Vegetarian Restaurant has been perched on the edge of the city wall opposite Tha Phae gate since 1984 and has since established itself as one of Chiang Mai’s oldest and best vegetarian restaurants. On the outside it’s quite unnoticeable and is kind of concealed behind a simple exterior of just a little wooden door with a window each side and a couple of tables, buried in the hustle of tourists and songtaews (red pick-up vans).

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